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Easy Steps to Prepare Your Indoor Pipes for Winter

Posted by Chelsea Hester on December 5, 2016

Winter storms cost the U.S. hundreds of millions of dollars each year. There are ways you can prepare for winter storms and freezing weather. Priming your plumbing and pipes for winter might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but the cycle of freezing and thawing that occurs during the winter months can cause pipes to crack and even burst, creating serious water damage issues. Luckily, preventing property damage caused by frozen pipes is relatively easy. 

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Topics: Homeowners Insurance, Preparing Home for Winter

Tips For Selecting The Best Insurance Plan For Your Business

Posted by Chelsea Hester on November 15, 2016

Has your business grown to the point where you need to purchase or upgrade your insurance program? If so, congratulations! Your investment of time, money, and ideas has been successful, and you need to make sure you have the protection needed in order to continue to expand - safely. Here is what you need to know about selecting the best insurance program for your business.

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Topics: Business Insurance

10 Driving Stats Your Teen Needs To Know

Posted by Chelsea Hester on October 24, 2016

Do you have a new teen driver in your life? Helping them navigate this challenging and exciting time can be tough: Driving gives them freedom and opportunities, but also comes with many risks. Younger drivers (and passengers) face many unique hazards, but the good news is that most of them can be avoided.

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Topics: Car Insurance, Teen Driving, Distracted Driving

10 Ways Being Aware Can Prevent An Auto Accident

Posted by Chelsea Hester on October 18, 2016

Car accidents can be caused by many things; weather, bad road conditions, and even mechanical failure in your car. However, the largest single cause of car accidents in the United States is none of these - it is distracted driving and driver error.

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Topics: Car Insurance

5 Cyber-Security Planning Steps For Businesses

Posted by Chelsea Hester on October 13, 2016

Data security is critical for all businesses because information such as client payments, personnel files, bank account details and more are oftentimes impossible to replace if lost – or worse, in the hands of criminals. Data lost due to disasters like fire or flood can present real challenges, but losing data to hackers or malware can present greater consequences. How you manage and protect your data should be a central function to the security of your business and privacy of your customers, employees and partners.

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Topics: Cyber Security, Business Insurance

6 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Life Insurance Plan

Posted by Chelsea Hester on October 10, 2016

Choosing the best life insurance policy does not need to be a confusing or overwhelming experience. As one of the most important financial decisions you’ll ever make, buying life insurance requires some forethought as to what you and your family need. With many different options available, working with an experienced insurance professional can help you gain peace of mind and confidence in your decision. Here are a few questions to consider at the start of your life insurance selection process: 

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Topics: Life Insurance