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TWG Insurance Represents Many Top Carriers

Posted by TWG Insurance on August 27, 2018

Want to save money to put towards other things? Consider reviewing your current insurance costs, whether it be personal or business related. TWG Insurance shops & compares many of the TOP carriers so that you get the the best deal at the best price.
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Tip From Erie: How to Get 4 Overlooked Business Risks Covered

Posted by TWG Insurance on July 16, 2018
Should disaster strike, business insurance  helps protect the effort and money you’ve invested in your business. But because businesses are so diverse, you should consider a variety of optional coverages too. These extras are added to your business insurance policy as endorsements.  Here’s how endorsements can help cover four common business risks. Learn More
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5 Ways to Save on Your Business Insurance

Posted by TWG Insurance on April 30, 2018

Part of running a business involves making sound financial decisions. Before you can make these decisions, however, you need to review your options—one of which is your business insurance premium. Some common ways to save money on your business insurance are listed below, and your TWG Insurance agent is the expert on coverages and options—so put our knowledge to use if you’re trying to save.

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5 Cyber-Security Planning Steps For Businesses

Posted by TWG Insurance on April 16, 2018

Data security is critical for all businesses because information such as client payments, personnel files, bank account details and more are oftentimes impossible to replace if lost – or worse, in the hands of criminals. Data lost due to disasters like fire or flood can present real challenges, but losing data to hackers or malware can present greater consequences. How you manage and protect your data should be a central function to the security of your business and privacy of your customers, employees and partners.

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Why Photographers Need Insurance Coverage

Posted by TWG Insurance on April 2, 2018

With all the excitement of preserving memories these days, photographers are in high demand. Whether it's a wedding, child's birthday or holiday party, running a business is, well...serious business. With all the money spent on things like lenses, new props and classes, there are a few areas small business owners may overlook. If you are not interested in playing the lottery with your livelihood, then safeguarding your business through insurance policies should be a priority.

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Tips For Selecting The Best Insurance Plan For Your Business

Posted by TWG Insurance on March 19, 2018

Has your business grown to the point where you need to purchase or upgrade your insurance program? If so, congratulations! Your investment of time, money, and ideas has been successful, and you need to make sure you have the protection needed in order to continue to expand - safely. Here is what you need to know about selecting the best insurance program for your business.

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Posted by TWG Insurance on January 25, 2018

Many homeowners and businesses are under the impression that their insurance will cover damage from an earthquake. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. Many insurance policies specifically exclude damage from earthquakes and floods. This leaves individuals or businesses paying out of pocket for damage caused by an earthquake. Even a small tremor can cause a cracked foundation, structural damage or destruction of property.

You may be able to add Earthquake Coverage to your property insurance policy. This coverage may have a high deductible, but repairs, like fixing a cracked foundation, can be incredibly expensive.

Vehicles may be covered for earthquake damage if you have comprehensive coverage.

We encourage you to check with your insurance agent!

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what general liability should i buy for my business

Posted by Tanya Turner on January 19, 2018
What General Liability limit should I buy for my business?  This is dependent upon the size and type of business and the operations conducted.  TWG Insurance can review your business needs to help determine the appropriate amount of General Liability coverage necessary. 
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Helping to Prevent Chronic Pain and Opioid Abuse in the Workplace

Posted by TWG Insurance on December 20, 2017

Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, with more than 47,000 lethal drug overdoses in 2014.1 Opioids, including prescription pain relievers and heroin, accounted for more than half of these overdoses.2 Having insight about who may be at risk to develop chronic pain can help injured employees avoid the dangers of opioid addiction and can help companies reduce growing workers compensation loss costs.

Read the full article by Travelers Insurance HERE.

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Posted by TWG Insurance on December 1, 2017

Gary Nichols, President, began The Winchester Group in April, 2002, and continues to be committed to providing the proper level of insurance protection with a high level of personal service and attention. Now, with 25 employees, they are grateful to be trusted insurance advisors in addition to an essential partner in their community.

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