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Travelers Tip: 5 QUestions to Ask Your Moving Company

Posted by TWG Insurance on October 1, 2018

Check out this helpful blog by Travelers Insurance: 

A professional moving company can efficiently load and unpack a household in a fraction of the time that it would take for many of us could do it ourselves. Make sure you hire the right moving company with trained professionals who will do everything they can to make your move easier, whether you are moving local, or long distance.

Here are five questions to ask a moving company before you hire them: 

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Erie Tip: Must-Have Items For Your Home Emergency Kit

Posted by TWG Insurance on September 24, 2018

Check out this very helpful blog by Erie Insurance: It can be hard to imagine several days (or weeks) without power, internet or running water. But in the event of an emergency, anything can happen. That’s why your family should have an emergency plan and supplies ready for any type of disaster.

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Posted by TWG Insurance on September 11, 2018

By Cincinnati Insurance

There are steps you can take to prepare your home or business for a storm.

When a hurricane or tropical storm turns inland, it may diminish in strength, but the potential remains for severe damage from winds and heavy rain. When you know a storm is coming, take steps to minimize damage and speed recovery.

First and foremost, take whatever precautions are necessary to protect yourself and your family. While property preparations are important, they’re not worth risking life or health. If you need to evacuate, do so, as long as you have time to reach a place of safety. Don’t be caught on the roads in your car or attempt to drive through water-covered streets. Once the storm reaches your area, stay inside, away from windows and possible flying debris.

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Posted by TWG Insurance on September 10, 2018

Many homeowners and businesses are under the impression that their insurance will cover damage from an earthquake. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. Many insurance policies specifically exclude damage from earthquakes and floods. This leaves individuals or businesses paying out of pocket for damage caused by an earthquake. Even a small tremor can cause a cracked foundation, structural damage or destruction of property.

You may be able to add Earthquake Coverage to your property insurance policy. This coverage may have a high deductible, but repairs, like fixing a cracked foundation, can be incredibly expensive.

Vehicles may be covered for earthquake damage if you have comprehensive coverage.

We encourage you to check with your insurance agent!

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TWG Insurance Represents Many Top Carriers

Posted by TWG Insurance on August 27, 2018

Want to save money to put towards other things? Consider reviewing your current insurance costs, whether it be personal or business related. TWG Insurance shops & compares many of the TOP carriers so that you get the the best deal at the best price.
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How Named Storms Affect Your Insurance Coverage (Erie Insurance)

Posted by TWG Insurance on August 6, 2018
We'd like to share a blog by Erie Insurance about how named storms affect your insurance coverage.  Hurricane insurance is a little tricky. Private homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage , but it should cover any damage  caused by hurricane winds. Even so, many homeowner policies  have special deductibles for hurricane damage  that are separate  from the general deductible for other damages. Read More
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4 Essential Insurance Coverages for Your College Student

Posted by TWG Insurance on July 23, 2018

While you're probably running around purchasing electronics, dorm furniture and the much loved  "Walking Dead" poster for your college student's new accommodations, you may not have given much thought to their insurance needs while at college.

Many college students are living independently for the first time in their lives, so there's a lot you might not know about protecting your college student and their valuables.

Here's a rundown of the most important types of insurance your child might need when away at college:

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Posted by TWG Insurance on July 2, 2018
As the weather warms up and you head outside, it’s important to anticipate any potential safety hazards or accidents that could happen during playtime. Each year, hospital emergency physicians treat more than 200,000 children for playground-related injuries, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Many of the injuries occur when a child falls from the equipment onto the ground. Here are some tips to keep your children – and their friends – safe on your home playground: READ MORE FROM ERIE INSURANCE
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Pool Safety and Insurance

Posted by TWG Insurance on June 18, 2018
TWG Insurance loves summertime and wants to keep you and your family safe. Whether you plan to install a luxury, in-ground Olympic model or you're just inflating one for the kids, backyard pools and hot tubs have safety and insurance implications. Here are some tips the Insurance Information Institute wants you to know...Learn More
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If a Tree Falls, Who's Responsible?

Posted by TWG Insurance on June 4, 2018
Fallen trees and branches are a significant cause of damage and power loss after a thunderstorm rolls through. But if a neighbor’s tree falls on your property and causes damage, who is responsible? Click here to read the full blog article from Cincinnati Insurance Companies.
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