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Why Work With Us? Our Clients Say it Best

We treat people the way we would want to be treated.

Relationships are critically important to us. We go to great lengths to get to know our clients, their business and the issues that keep them up at night, so that we can design a program that matches their unique needs.

We work hard to solidify a level of trust with our clients.

Our team is made up of talented and experienced insurance professionals and we only work with the best insurance carriers so that we can provide our customers with the service, support and coverage they need to be successful.

Our Clients Describe The Winchester Group In One Word

"[TWG Insurance] is my insurance company for my home and my car. Angie is my agent, and she's wonderful. She helps me with my questions to make sure my coverages are exactly what I need. She helped me with her knowledge about a year ago, and the outcome was very positive. Thank you, Angie, for being there when I needed you!"

Barbara Jean Fogle, Home & Auto Insurance Customer

“The reason we selected The Winchester Group was due to the support and the information they provide us. They are very knowledgeable and trustworthy.”

Taylor Gant, Covenant Building Maintenance

“I can’t speak highly enough of The Winchester Group. They are a great group of people who are always there for us when we need them. They go above and beyond and are so attentive to our needs. I will always recommend them!

Noah White, White Properties

“I view them as a valued partner for our business. From all of the decisions we make, I have the highest level of trust and confidence in them and appreciate doing business with them on a daily basis.”

Nick Nerangis, Alamo Drafthouse

“As a carrier of hazardous petroleum products, insurance is very important to us and service is key. I’d highly recommend TWG because of their high level of service and their quality products.”

Ken Rice, H N Funkhouser & Co

“We moved our home and auto insurance to TWG. Their personal care and attention made for a smooth and easy transition and saved us hundreds of dollars with better coverage. I’d recommend them to anyone.”

Kim Stutzman

“The biggest reason I switched to TWG was due to the personal relationship with their people. They made sure I was sufficiently insured. They went through everything with me and were there every step of the way.”

Jeremy Wright, Body Renew Fitness

“They help me with my personal and business insurance and I often refer my clients to them because I can trust The Winchester Group 100%.”

Jennifer Shea Roop

“We operate 2 hotels and 11 restaurants and we were looking for a local insurance agent who was responsive to our needs. TWG has been VERY responsive. During a claim, Gary Nichols played a major role in handling the claims process. TWG is truly a business partner and they fill an important void for businesses large and small.”

Erik Beatley, Allen Properties

“I’ve been working with TWG since their inception. The thing I like most is their professionalism and their commitment to excellence and to our satisfaction. They listen to us and understand our needs and then provide products and services that meet those needs and stay within the budgets we’ve established. They are looking out for our best interests on a daily basis. When I call them, a person answers and they know who I am. I highly recommend The Winchester Group.”

Dave Craig, Miller-Craig Group

“Right off the bat, they saved my business about $7,000 - $8,000 per year. Now all of our insurance needs are handled by TWG. They have a great group of people who take care of our business and our employees.”

Dale Massey, Piccadilly Public House

“We started with our commercial property and auto insurance and have added our key-person life insurance. What makes them different is that they are responsive, attentive and have our best interests in mind. They are very accessible and professional. They feel like part of our internal team.”

Joe Graber, Creekside Properties


Exemplary Customer Service

Below is an email we received from one of our customers:

Good morning Lexie, 
The "waterfall" in the lower level of our home was an unexpected start to the yesterday. From your first response to my "What do I do?", to the last call I received from you in the evening, I cannot think of anything you could have done to make the process go smoother.

You were courteous, empathetic, and amazingly fast. I almost believe that my problem was the only one you had to deal with yesterday!
Thank you for the exemplary customer service you provided. We have been fans of The Winchester Group and you showed us again why that is so. 
Missy and Bob


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